But I Can Flip Houses…

I remember a short 15 years ago when I walked into my first “authentic” Michigan real estate investor networking event. I was BLOWN away by all of the friendly people that I met willing to help me learn more about my new passion. The first thing I was told was get business cards with your name, number, e-mail address, and call yourself a real estate investor on it. Now I was more than a little freaked out. How was I supposed to call myself a real estate investor. At the time I only had purchased a few rental properties. Plus after talking with friends and co-workers they all said that I was crazy for thinking that I could Buy, Sell, Lease, Flip, Wholesale, Rehab…you get the picture.

Well I’m happy to report that they were all WRONG…Dead Wrong. To date I’ve purchased and sold well over 200 properties (my own, not for other people) using such strategies as paying ALL CASH, wholesaling, full retail flips, subject to, lease options, assignments of contract, acquiring private lenders, being a private lender, owning my own brokerage, starting my own REIA, mentoring successful students, and most importantly FIRING my boss. The same BOSS who told me I was an idiot for quitting my job to become a real estate investor.

Here’s short list of what to expect & bring to have success;

  • Get there early
  • Business card or fliers with your info
  • Property fliers if you have deals to sell
  • Notebook & pen
  • Lots of energy (sometimes the members hang out late talking about deals)
  • An Open Mind & Make It Happen Attitude

It all started when I walked into my first REIA meeting.

When will it start for you?

Dylan Tanaka
REIA of Macomb Founder

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