$1 Tickets to Your First LIVE

REIA of Macomb
Main Event 

YES! Please put me on your V.I.P List so I can show up at the next workshop, walk right in, and start learning what it takes to build wealth and generate fast cash in the Michigan Foreclosure BOUNCE.  To attend your first REIA of Macomb event all we ask for $1 per seat and it goes to charity.  Secure your seats below.  Don’t worry if you can’t make it to our next live event.  Your tickets are good until used.  Your information will already be at the front table when you arrive to ensure you can “walk past the line” as you drop off your $1 per ticket for charity.

Please note that you are also strongly encouraged to bring your spouse, friends, co-workers and/or staff members.   Learning together is a rewarding experience.

Add [Dylan@REIAofMacomb.com] to your address book immediately to ensure proper delivery.

IMPORTANT: As a courtesy to our paying members, you may only attend one of our monthly workshops for $1. Please do not abuse this privilege. We cross reference all names on the VIP LIST with those that have attended in the past, and we will deny people access to our workshop if this occurs.  Please help both of us avoid this awkward situation.