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The Anatomy of a Wholesale Video 4
How To Sell Them

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Wholesale Blueprint Webinar Replay

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  1. Mark Potter


    Great video series on wholesale.
    Perhaps consider (I’m sure you have) other video series on things like: Finding investing money to do you deals, using virtual assistants to do some of the work, building your real estate investment team, etc.

    Mark Potter

    • Dylan Tanaka

      Hi Mark – Those are all great ideas. I have thought about a few of them & plan put create them in the future.

      See you soon.

  2. Andy Mipple

    thanks again and i’ll see you Tuesday night

  3. Dylan Tanaka

    Andy-Unfortunatley that’s sometimes a part of the business. I will tell you this; I’ve spent twice that much on seminars, mentoring & consulting in my 10+ years in the real estate investing world and wouldn’t be where I am today without it. However, you just have to have a keen eye and make sure to be careful when investing any money in your education whether it’s a $20 download or a 20k get rich quick program.

    The only think we’ll be selling at The REIA of Macomb this month is memberships…and they’re worth every penny in my humble opinion.

  4. Andy Mipple

    Cool. Actually Im glad cuz I went to a meeting like this recently and even paid for it since Ii skipped work to go. The whole time the guy was trying to get all of us to buy some crazy $20,000 program. Sorry if I seemed rude earlier I just felt like a bait and switch victim. btw i’ll be there taking notes.

  5. Dylan Tanaka

    Andy, Unfortunately not. Just lots of information from my own current and past experiences. Just take lots of notes and pay attention 🙂

    Hope to see you at the event.

  6. Andy Mipple

    Dylan are you selling a program or kit about wholesaling at your meetin this month?

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