In today’s world everything truly moves at the speed of the internet.  Good news bad news, celebrity break ups and the death of world leaders, whatever “it” is we know “it” hundreds of times faster today than 10, 15, and definitely 20 years ago.  Obviously the reason for this is the the internet, with the main culprit being social media.  Now this isn’t going to be a big story on why you have to use social media to be successful in business but it is a huge part of my marketing campaigns.  We’ll dig into this later in the article.  The 1 Thing You Cant Do If You Want To Be Successful In Michigan Real Estate is

You CAN’T stand still.

That’s it, plain and simple.

Thanks to the speed of the internet it’s very easy to achieve this-and in the next training article I’ll show you exactly why the internet makes it unbelievably easy for us to stand out.  What I really mean by “not standing still” is making sure you’re always in the front of your client’s mind.  You may be a rehabber or wholesaler reading this saying “I don’t have clients”.  You’re wrong.  You do have prospective clients everywhere because more “civilians” are in the real estate investing market in southeast Michigan now than in the the last 10 years.

Here are some very easy ways to do this for a very low cost.  When you come to The REIA of Macomb events make sure to collect business cards.  You would be surprised to know I receive less that 5 cards per event that’s packed with investors, agents, contractors, etc.  Don’t be nervous just say “Gotta card?”  Inevitably they’ll hand you one and you return the favor.  Next send those folks e-mails telling them that you appreciated meeting them and outline what you’re looking for and how if they can help you get it you’ll put cash in their pocket.  Coffee dates are cute and you need to talk with people but Money Talks.  So show them you’re serious about your business.

BONUS Email Training: Whatever you do don’t SPAM and irritate them with useless e-mails.  Deliver real content and they’ll be happy when they receive your e-mails and probably reply back.  To extend your spider web invite them to connect with you on Facebook in the e-mail, maybe down near your signature or in a p.s.  If they take you up on it you have another very casual way to stay in front of them.  The key is to always come across as non-threatening or barging in on them.  In part 3 of this article I’ll dive deep into the psychology of social media and how you can make money because of it, practically free.

I guess I should eat my own cooking so if you’re not already connected to The REIA on Facebook you can do it
by clicking the link below and you’ll receive close to $200 worth of gifts just for connecting yourself to us

The last thing that you need to take away from this training article is-when you make the decision to market yourself and your business through social media, your website, or personal e-mails please make sure that your are delivering fun, interesting, and relevant content to whomever your audience is. It may be prospective private lenders-if so-don’t talk about construction and paint colors.  Talk about why real estate is such a great vehicle for their money.  But if you’re looking for deal partners talk about your strengths and what you bring to the table and what you need from a deal partner.

Remember the best sales people tell stories and get their prospects emotionally involved.  Whatever you do don’t make a post on Facebook saying you pay 10 or 15% fixed on real estate projects and you’re seeking new investors right now.  First of all it’s against securities laws, second of al you look desperate, third of all how many millionaires are cruising Facebook for investment opportunities.

Cracking up,
Dylan Tanaka-Founder