Having any kind of web presence is always better than having none. That being said, if your site sucks and doesn’t help you achieve what you’re trying to achieve then it’s basically useless. Below I’ll breakdown 3 separate websites that all came up when I searched for “We Buy Houses”. Whether you’re new to Michigan real estate investing or an old grizzled pro, you should all have “We Buy House” websites active right now.

Let’s go from worst to best. My opinions are strictly based on my own success using websites to make money with my real estate investing business plus the tens of thousands I’ve spent on marketing training focused on selling or buying real estate online.

#1 Crappy (above)
-Too cluttered
-Mixed message
-Small font
-Not welcoming colors to the masses

#2 Pretty Good (above)
-Nice and bright
-Welcoming to men and women
-Very clear message
-Widgets on the right sidebar offer information to those who are true readers not just skimmers

#3 The Best (above)
-Very short
-100% to the point
-Not too polished and professional looking
-Again welcoming to both men and women
-Very clean, fresh, and up-to-date look

Think about this-what websites can you look at that sell lots of stuff and have lots of traffic?

All of the companies above offer multiple products in different categories while we as real estate investors are usually only looking to do 3 things;
-buy your home
-sell a house
-find private lenders

So yes there is a bit more clutter than what will be on your sites but what I want you to do is click around those sites and feel how easy the navigation is. Look at the style, the colors, the overall feel. That’s what we want to achieve when people click on our site.

Personally I think that Apple does it best. When you “land” on their site you’re greeted by a “splash” page that’s basically just a showcase for their most recent release. You can’t even make a purchase on the front page. What they’re doing is getting you emotionally involved because their products are luxury products. think about it;

iPhone-costs 4 times the average cell phone and is $130 per month for unlimited everything

iPod-they’ve all bu stopped selling the little ones and are pushing you towards the $200 model

iPad-a massive iPod for 3 to 5 times the price of an iPod

Mac computers and laptops-at least 50% higher in price than a comparable (but not really) windows machine

So yes they are a luxury brand because you don’t need to pay their prices to achieve what you do using their products. But people like me buy, use, and love them because we are emotionally involved due to their great marketing.

Everyday I work to translate that into my businesses, both the hardcore house investing side and my consulting company. If you’re going to do it, then do it right and to the best of your ability. Your website now more than ever is your prospective clients first look at your company-make it count.

Dylan Tanaka-Founder