Brash headline?  Maybe.

More like only if you don’t take what’s delivered to you every day/week/month as a member of the REIA of Macomb.  At a recent event a “newer member” her second month, intimated to me that she’s learned more at 2 meetings than the last $1500 “get rich quick” bootcamp she invested in.  The difference between investing and spending is when you invest your money comes back to you and brings lots of friends with it.

Example: Invest $100 and receive $1000 back.  When you spend money it just flies away, never to come back and usually starts taking friends with it.

Example: You buy a 55″ plasma TV for $1000, then you need a blu-ray player for $200, and a $20 HDMI cable to make it wall work.

What the heck am I talking about?

Simple-invest in yourself, your business, and your education.  Make sure the so-called guru that’s asking for your hard earned money actually does successfully what they’re supposedly an expert at.  Plus make sure they are doing it NOW, not 5 years ago when the market and the economy were completely different.

The last time I was at a mega seminar that came to town the “expert” on stage was teaching the attendees how to wholesale HUD homes before they even closed on them.  He was explaining 13 different dance moves that you would have to perform perfectly to try to pull the wool over the eyes of HUD, which is really the U.S. Government.  Of course I raised my hand and very respectfully asked a few pointed questions that completely drilled holes through his baloney story.  He tried to overcome my objections and then shouted…“I’ve bought over 30 homes in the last 2 years sir, I’m the expert up here”.Needless to say there were a few folks in the audience that know me and they started laughing.  Now this guy had smoke coming out of his ears. “What’s so funny?”…he sneered at the audinece, who by the way were<<<—stress on were, his potential customers.  I won’t name names but one of the other atendees piped in and said…

“This guy flips more houses than eveyone in this room combined.  I think he knows a little bit about what you’re trying to teach us”

Well that was it.  The speaker called for a 10 minute break and I was calmly asked to take my business elsewhere.  I happily complied.

My point is when you want answers from a 100% authentic Michigan real estate investor who’s successfully completed hundreds of transactions come out to the REIA of Macomb and I promise you’ll feel at home.

Making Weatlh Happen,

Dylan Tanaka-Founder