Opporuinties In Michigan Real Estate Investing Are Crazier Now More Than Ever

Pay close attention to the words delivered in this video.  Although it may not be the end all be all-the earth, the United States, and finances are always changing every second.  However there’s definitely a lot of truth to what Scott Pelley is reporting even in his somber tone.  As most “regular” homeowners around the country are losing equity and possibly being driven in a housing slump mental depression, we as Michigan real estate investors can only do one thing-rise above.

Rise above all of the baloney.

Rise above our competition.

Rise above the no-win situation the Fed was very happy to get “Regular America” into & become GREAT.

It’s not often I comment on an op-ed piece but I watched this in my car on my Apple iPad outside a coffee shop last month while waiting for an investor who’s property I was providing the financing for.  Somehow it took me a month to find this and I had to share it.

Please leave your comments as I am very interested in your thoughts on this 60 Minutes piece and the way Scott Pelley from CBS reported it.

Comments highly encouraged,

Dylan Tanaka-Founder

Dylan Tanaka

Founder of the REIA of Macomb, where as a speaker, author, consultant, and full time real estate investor Dylan's taught hundreds of investors how to become more successful in their real estate investing business. Personally completing over 200 residential transactions, as a principal, totaling over 50 million dollars. A passion of Dylan's is Winning Futures, a non-profit organization based in metro Detroit where he mentors high schools students and was recently named mentor of the year.

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  1. name withheld
    7 years ago

    Maybe every homeowner that has a mortgage should stop paying and instead save the money in an account until they are sued and force the bank to produce the notes or modify their mortgage.

    • dylan tanaka
      7 years ago

      Ha ha. Good idea old friend. The government is breeding a whole generation of Americans who won’t think in terms of integrity but WiiFM.

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