Pay close attention to the words delivered in this video.  Although it may not be the end all be all-the earth, the United States, and finances are always changing every second.  However there’s definitely a lot of truth to what Scott Pelley is reporting even in his somber tone.  As most “regular” homeowners around the country are losing equity and possibly being driven in a housing slump mental depression, we as Michigan real estate investors can only do one thing-rise above.

Rise above all of the baloney.

Rise above our competition.

Rise above the no-win situation the Fed was very happy to get “Regular America” into & become GREAT.

It’s not often I comment on an op-ed piece but I watched this in my car on my Apple iPad outside a coffee shop last month while waiting for an investor who’s property I was providing the financing for.  Somehow it took me a month to find this and I had to share it.

Please leave your comments as I am very interested in your thoughts on this 60 Minutes piece and the way Scott Pelley from CBS reported it.

Comments highly encouraged,

Dylan Tanaka-Founder

    2 replies to "Opporuinties In Michigan Real Estate Investing Are Crazier Now More Than Ever"

    • name withheld

      Maybe every homeowner that has a mortgage should stop paying and instead save the money in an account until they are sued and force the bank to produce the notes or modify their mortgage.

      • dylan tanaka

        Ha ha. Good idea old friend. The government is breeding a whole generation of Americans who won’t think in terms of integrity but WiiFM.

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