If You’re Not Flipping You’re Losing

Good News for Flippers-Bad News for landlords

Recent statistics from the leading source in our business (check out the blue highlighted section above) , Realtor Magazine, show that the Metro Detroit region has lost 13% in housing values over the last 90 days alone.  This means that if you are holding residential real estate you are losing money as you read this, and maybe lots of dough.

It depends on a few different factors;

1. What type of property is it?

2. What city is it located in?

3. Where does the school system rank?

4. What percent of houses are non-owner occupied (rentals)?

Why are you being delivered this “negative” information?  First of all it’s not negative-it’s the truth.  Secondly, the only reason this website and the REIA of Macomb exists is for Michigan real estate investors to make more money, and lots of it.  So if that’s my M.O. for doing what I do, then why wouldn’t I want to show you proof that you should be flipping not holding if you want to make money invesiting in Michigan real estate in the short term.

Speaking of flipping-some areas of metro Detroit are actually selling for more than last year. Royal Oak being one of them, certain parts of Clinton Township, Rochester, Shebly Township, and Sterling Heights also.  If you want to know what’s going on with values and how using  sold comps will help you make better purchase decisions get plugged in at the REIA of Macomb where real investors are doing real deal and making real money.  None of us can buy all of the houses out there so that’s the big reason that I offer investment training seminars to deliver to you what’s working now-plus where, when, and why.

At a recent speaking engagement where I was main presenter I was asked “What makes what you and you’re group are doing so different than everyone else out there?” I simply stated “We are a group of Make It Happen individuals who are taking action and making money right now in Michigan real estate, not just talking about it.” I challenged that individual to come to the REIA’s next live training event, and she did.  At the end of the session she and her husband both became members and have referred another investor who’s also joined.

If you’re not achieving the goals that you know you can or you’re not getting a crack at the sleeper 5-figure-profit deals that are out there right now in this market, I challenge you to come to the next live training event and get on the right track.  There’s ladies and gentlemen out there just like me who are literally stealing money right out of your pockets.  Come on and join in on the fun.

Dylan Tanaka-Founder

Dylan Tanaka

Founder of the REIA of Macomb, where as a speaker, author, consultant, and full time real estate investor Dylan's taught hundreds of investors how to become more successful in their real estate investing business. Personally completing over 200 residential transactions, as a principal, totaling over 50 million dollars. A passion of Dylan's is Winning Futures, a non-profit organization based in metro Detroit where he mentors high schools students and was recently named mentor of the year.

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