If you were at the last REIA of Macomb Main Event you would have heard my 3 minute mini-seminar on how to successfully market your properties for pennies.  The focus of the seminar was using bandit signs to get your message out to the public quickly and cheaply.  If you’re new to michigan real estate investing or just marketing in general, bandit signs are typically corrugated plastic signs on street corners with a message on them.  How would you like to have people call you or go to your website for literally pennies per lead?  Using bandit signs can and will help you achieve exactly that.

Let’s say that you have a house for rent and you’re just not getting enough phone calls from a sign in the window (you should have it on Craigslist and have the neighbors working for you also but we’ll cover that on May 22nd).

If you put out half a dozen signs placed strategicallty near and around the property for rent you’ll have a ton of success drumming up interest.  Here’s an example of how the sign should look…

If each sign with a stake costs around $4 and you put 6 out, you’re just under $25 invested.  Let’s assume that the signs stay out for 1 week and you receive 17 phone calls about your rental and 21 more calls asking if you have other properties available.  You’re at only .63 cents per call!  Not to mention your phone number and website (did you know that you can get a website FREE with less than 15 minutes  of pointing and clicking?) may be written down and saved by countless others who need a rental that will conatct you in the future.  Here’s a really exciting number; your cost per hour on those bandit signs is .14 cents per hour.

The breakdown; 24 hours multiplied by 7 days equals 168 total hours.  Now divide your $24 investment by the 168 hours the signs were out.  Can you afford .14 cents per hour?  I hope so.  All of the sudden you’re becomming the go-to person in that neighborhood for rental properties.

“But I don’t have any more properties available?” you say.  That’s ok.  Here’s when you leverage all of your contacts that you’ve made at The REIA of Macomb to see if they need a good tenant (who doesn’t).  If you’re really taking your Michigan real estate investing buisiness seriously you could create a simple flier with the prospective tenants needs and what they can afford then hand it out at the next REIA of Macomb Main Event.  This is how you become a go-to person and all star at The REIA of Macomb.  I know, because it’s how I partially started in real estate investing.  I made contacts whenever I could at different real estate investing events.  Then I delivered on what others needed.  You don’t necessarily have to have a million dollars in private money (although it does make life easier) or a ton of properties for sale to be a REIA standout.  You can start by helping others get what they need and it ALL starts with showing up, and more importantly marketing yourself.

If you wnat to become the go-to person that I wrote about above come out to The Guerrilla Wholesaling & Marketing Workshop that I’m hosting on May 22nd learn more here.

I’ll be unleashing the little known secret the I’ve personally developed on how to wholesale properties with absolutely none of your own money and how to get every heavy hitting cash buyer out there to make you their #1 call when they need properties.

Making It Happen…
Dylan Tanaka