How To Build Your Real Estate Investing Power Team (pt 2)

Why Your Power Team is so Important

Every successful company from Coca-Cola & McDonalds to Apple & Google all have one thing in common-the right person in each position.  The same absolutely holds true for your Michigan real estate investing business.  Having bought my first investment property a decade ago I know the pain that we have to go through as small business owners “trying people or companies out”. A lot of times our goals are not aligned with theirs.  It’s imperative that you only do business with people who undrstand what you’re trying to achieve as an investor.

A couple good examples of folks that you need on your team if you want to be a successful real estate investor are an investor focused title company and rehab contractor.  Let’s start with the rehab contractor…

You can call random strangers on Craigslist to come and work for you or give you quotes on your properties. Sometimes they may actually show up and sometimes they may actually do what they say.  But do you want to give them a tryout on your project-I hope not! What if you had someone available to you who has a builders license, insurance, but more importantly testimonials from other real estate investors just like you stating how great it is to do business with this person and company.  When you come to the 2017 Info Conference you’ll have the opportunity to meet this person.

What about when you receive a call from a letter that you sent out to a seller that you can cure their headache and purchase their house all cash quickly?  How will you know how many liens are on the property and if they’re even the person who’s allowed to sell you the house?  The answer-your title company.  When you become involved with The REIA of Macomb you’ll have person on speed dial who will
answer those ULTRA important questions for you in a snap.

Real estate investing can be super complicated or easy-it’s up to each individual investor how they want to set their business up.  Every month at The REIA of Macomb you can meet these important people that you need on your Power Team to help you make more money faster buying and selling real estate…but this month is your #1 chance to meet all of the experts in a more intimate setting than any other event each year.

To your Michigan real estate investing success,

Dylan Tanaka-Founder

Dylan Tanaka

Founder of the REIA of Macomb, where as a speaker, author, consultant, and full time real estate investor Dylan's taught hundreds of investors how to become more successful in their real estate investing business. Personally completing over 200 residential transactions, as a principal, totaling over 50 million dollars. A passion of Dylan's is Winning Futures, a non-profit organization based in metro Detroit where he mentors high schools students and was recently named mentor of the year.

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