Who is on your Power Team?

Not a question that you’re asked very often.

How many deals have you done?

How much private money do you have?

How many units do you own?

Those seem to be the questions most commonly asked questions between members at REIA of Macomb events.

To be successful in real estate investing you need to be surrounded with the right people who are focused on helping you do more deals, do them faster, and more profitable.  This month at The REIA of Macomb’s Main Event those are exactly the people that you’re going to meet.

Click HERE to secure a seat at one of the Round Tables

In a round table fashion you’ll have the opportunity to learn from 8 experts in different areas of real estate investing.  Every 10 minutes or so you’ll rotate to meet and learn from the next expert.  Make sure, if you don’t have them already, to bring a stack of business cards-you’ll need them.

Long time REIA of Macomb member Roger Martin commented to me recently that since his first days with the club, almost 4 years ago, that The Roundtable Event is by far the best event to be at each year especially if you’re new to the business.

One of the most daunting parts of getting into business for yourself is all of the legal stuff that most regular people, myself included, have no clue about.  Having a real estate attorney on your Power Team who you can bounce questions off is worth his weight in gold.  This moth you’ll have the opportunity to ask those questions for FREE!

It’s also scary when you’re actually out there looking at the foreclosure properties and you’re not exactly sure what Land Mines you’re trying to avoid.  That’s where an investor focused professional home inspector comes in.  This month bring your toughest property inspection questions and ask the expert how to proceed. Getting the right answers may make you an extra $10,000 on you next deal, or more importantly
save you from a $20,000 mistake.

The REIA of Macomb is all about the success of Michigan real estate investors.  It’s tough to be out there as a lone wolf trying to find, finance, and flip properties all on your own.  At every REIA event you’ll meet like-minded people who are doing what you’re doing and overcoming the same obstacles.  make sure to attend each event with an open mind and a willingness to learn, network, and grow.

See you in the trenches,

Dylan Tanaka-REIA of Macomb

    2 replies to "How To Build Your Real Estate Investing Power Team (pt 1)"

    • John Horek

      I am interested in flipping a house or two. however, my best experience has been buying houses and rent them out. it has come to the point that these drug infested renters and neighborhoods have won first place. I have sold two houses already. I have two other houses that I still rent. Now I plan to buy houses to flip. I also have other plans to build a new house for myself.

      I could use some help getting started. What would you suggest?

      • Dylan Tanaka

        John, get to every networking event you can make it to. Shake as many hands as possible. Search out the type of investing that you think suits you online. Read and study. Tons of free info on BiggerPockets

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