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You have obviously identified the opportunity right now in Michigan real estate investing.  It’s hard not to with foreclosure rates sky high, plummeting property values, and the news media who are always more than happy to share their Doom and Gloom with us.  However in every dark cloud there lies a silver lining, and in Metro Detroit, the lining happens to be Platinum.

Like most savvy investors You’ve already taken the most important step toward growing your wealth, and that’s determining this is Your moment in time to learn how-to invest in Michigan real estate.  The window to buy houses 3 at a time, for the same cost as one, a short 24 months ago is slowly closing on You.  That’s why the time to get to The REIA of Macomb and start building your net worth by building your network and knowledge is right now.

Do You Wake Up In A Cold Sweat Worrying What Your Retirement Fund Manager Is Doing With Your Nest Egg?

If you answered YES! than learn how to take your future into your own hands by investing in Michigan real estate.  There are many ways to invest in real estate.  You don’t have to tear down walls and answer tenant calls about a broken toilet at midnight.  There are techniques that you will learn by attending REIA of Macomb events and workshops that will open your eyes to possibilities that you thought was only lunchroom gossip.

There is such a wide range of investors within the group, it’s impossible to get it all across in this short letter.  A few quick examples of the different types of investor who are active real estate investor club members are;

Wholesalers – Investors who buy and the re-sell properties without doing any work for a small but quick profit.

Quick Flippers – Rehab Investors who buy a house, quickly renovate it, and re-sell for a healthy profit.

Long Term Hold – Landlord who are in it for long term growth, cash flow, tax deductions, and pay down.

Private Lenders – Individuals who usually put the money up for deals or projects and receive a much healthier interest rate than the banks are currently offering.

So What’s The Catch?

There’s always a catch, right?

Here’s the catch…

You have to be be willing to Learn, Grow, and Give Back.

What are you waiting for?

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Make It Happen,
Dylan Tanaka

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P.P.S. There are no strings attached to this information. There are so many deals available right now and so many buyers that we are plenty busy.  I hope that you can take this invitation and report and use it to profit.  Perhaps we will talk one day soon about investing; perhaps not.  Or, maybe you will buy a investment  home next to one of mine and we can enjoy a quiet conversation.  Who knows?