Home Staging Strategies For Quick Sale Success

Are you selling a house right now?
Chances are if you’re reading this you’re flipping this minute or you’re preparing to.  Who’s your target buyer?  Is it first time buyers, 2nd home mover uppers, or maybe empty nesters?

Whoever it may be has a ton more choices now than ever before.  There are investors like you and me buying, fixing, and selling.  There are traditional homeowners out there who still have equity and are offering a beautiful product.  There’s even the short sale sellers who’s house probably won’t look as nice but will most likely be cheaper than ours.
So how do we get the edge in this crazy market?

One very effective way is to have your home professionally staged.  What’s staging?  Simple, you have a company come in that brings tasteful furniture (no too much) & fashionable decorations that gives your rehab project a showroom feel.  It works!
Picture this, an agent takes his prospective buyers out or another round of Saturday afternoon showings.  The 3 properties they how the buyer are all different types of sales, let me explain;

1.  A nice house that a mom, dad, and little Johnnie & Susie live in.  No matter how hard mom tries when people come to view the property it just seems cluttered and smells lived in.

2.   An inexperienced investor on their first deal does a half rehab, no new cabinets, polished the floors instead of refinishing, painted interior doors instead of replacing, but has a nice clean new paint smell.

3.  Experienced investors rehab a home to the max.  new granite kitchen, ceramic floors everywhere, gleaming hardwood floors, a freshly cleaned out panted basement, and a classy staging company came in and made the house look it’s from a fashion magazine.
As the buyers sit down for lunch with their agent, which property do you think that their drawn to?  Of course the staged home.  The female half of the buying team is absolutely smitten with the decorating job, complimentary professional paint work, and the warm smell of clean fresh home.

Back to reality.
Do I think that the first investor could have success with their project, of course.  I’ve sold dozens of properties basically doing what I explained in example 2.  the difference is I wasn’t competing with a superior rehab that’s staged.  My price point was probably 20-25% less than the super rehab.

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