You Will Neve Have Another Chance At a First Impression-DON’T BLOW IT!

Busniess is changing rapidly.  Over the last 10 years the use of the internet in business has absolutley crushed some of the old stand-bys.  The biggest shift is the attention span of your prospective customer/client/partner-which is said to be down to 3 seconds!

We want everything now-We want everything cheap-We don’t want to have to think. (no too much anyway)

What’s your first line of offense in during a typical conversation?  Certainly you need to be able to communicate and introduce yourself with a frim handshake while looking the person in the eye, but the real “selling” begins silenlty with your business card.

Picture this…you’ve made your way to another dynamic REIA of Macomb event after a tough day at work.  You packed a litttle snack for the ride to the meeting, brought a change of clothes so you don’t have to stop home and have the temptation of sitting on your butt, and you’re PUMPED to meet some new people and learn about what’s happening in the Michigan Foreclosure Boom. You enter the venue and are greeted by the friendly REIA Team, receive your complementary goodie bag already filled with resources to help your business-NOW it’s time to put your game face on.

You spy your first target; a gentleman parked in from of a plasma TV watching a REIA intro video.  You’ve arrived nice and early to the seminar to give yourself all the networkig time available, and you must assume your new friend has done the same.  You walk up and introduce yourself.

“Hi my name is Dylan (replace my name with yours), are you a member here?”

He replies “Nope, it’s my first time here but what a cool set up, the names James”.  You shake hands and now your real conversation begins.

“Have you been investing in real estate long” Dylan asks.

“Back in the 90’s I hada few rentals but decided to cash them out for a tidy profit, but things look exciting again, how about you” James answers.

“I’ve done a few deals this year and have my eyes on one particular property that will bring in a nice $30,000 profit.  The trouble is I’m only able to muster up about half of what I need to do the deal” says Dylan.

“Interesting” James mutters.


This is your best opportunity in a short period of time to make your pitch for a partnership or maybe private money deal to get the rest of the funds that you need to make your 30k profit happen.  If you ask someone for money or to trust you 30 seconds after meeting you, you’re asking for failure. Unfortunately in today’s day and age of Enron and Bernie Madoff a persons word means less and less.  You have to prove that you’re a worthy person/parter to get involved with.

What’s te best way to convice someone of something?  Simple, let them come to the conclusion on their own.  So in the scenerio above how does Dylan (you) help James convince hmself that he should further explore doing the deal with the suppoded $30,000  profit with you?

Simple-Your business card.

Here’s $1,000 worth of information

If your business card has a big, shiny logo on it that makes you feel proudthow it out.

If your business card is 1 sidedthrow it out.

If your business card is missing your website name-throw it out.

On my next post I’ll reveal why if you’re card belongs in the dumpster in front of your rehab if it has any of the 3 issues above.

Invest your time wisely,

Dylan Tanaka-Founder