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Here’s a quick snapshot of what a real rehab looks like just when the fun is getting started.  The investor above is Bob and this is his first full rehab on his own.  Now it’s not his first construction project he’s been involved in.   He’s had his builder’s license for over 30 years.  So between doing remodels for homeowners and putting in 50 plus hours a week in with one of the Big 3 for 30 years Bob started to get the itch to flip houses.  Before I forget to mention this and get Bob is big trouble, he’s got a business partner who’s the real brains behind the operation, his wife Michelle.   Finally after his retirement and a good year and a half of rehab training as both a REIA of Macomb and Champions Club members they now have  the confidence and team in place to move full steam ahead on a $25,000 rehab construction project.

In the coming weeks I’ll be delivering more updates on Bob & Michelle and their project.  If you have yet to take that first step toward your own investment house what are you waiting for?  Maybe you lack the confidence?  Maybe you lack the funds?  Maybe you lack the time?  Or maybe you lack the education and the right group of positive like-minded people surrounding you.  Whatever the reason is if you posses 2 0r 3 of the 4 mentioned above then you should be Making It Happen also.

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Hopefully the next Member’s Spotlight article will be about You!

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Dylan Tanaka-Founder

Dylan Tanaka

Founder of the REIA of Macomb, where as a speaker, author, consultant, and full time real estate investor Dylan's taught hundreds of investors how to become more successful in their real estate investing business. Personally completing over 200 residential transactions, as a principal, totaling over 50 million dollars. A passion of Dylan's is Winning Futures, a non-profit organization based in metro Detroit where he mentors high schools students and was recently named mentor of the year.

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