If 2013 proves to be the year most of us are hoping it will in Michigan residential real estate investing…you cannot ignore the power of social media.  Every day more and more companies are turing to sites like Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn to reach potential, current, and even past customers or clients.  Give credit where credit’s due; Coca-Cola, Mc Donalds, & Apple are more successful and much better marketers than most of us are.

So don’t re-invent the wheel-just borrow the design and make it fit your car!

Here’s a brief explanation of all 3 sites and how you can use each one individually to help promote your business.

Facebook – The King of Social Media

Facebook currently has over half a billion users and growing as you’re reading this.   The general public spends more time on Facebook than Google, YouTube, Amazon, Ebay, and Bing combined!  So you should have a presence on Facebook for your business.  There’s a way to promote your business using a different type of Facebook account called a Fanpage, but that’s for another article.  The best thing you can do to get started quickly is to add status updates about your construction projects, wholesales, rehabs, listings, etc…people who are in your circle will be interested.

LinkedIn – Professionally Focused Social Media

Linkedin wants your professional profile on their site.  It’s basically an online resume on steroids.  It’s not all about posting pictures and stauts updates about finishing your bathroom project.  Typically the people you’re connected to on LinkedIn are more interested in business rather than your kids t-ball game…think about possible private lenders for example.  You may become connected to people who are high net worth and are looking for opportunities.  Maybe you do business near them and after watching your rehab projects they want to reach out and learn how they can get involved.  It can happen and has happened to me personally.  So make sure what you’re posting is relevant and professional…especially on LinkedIn.

Twitter – Social Media For Those With (A)(D)(D)

Twitter is basically a text message platform that’s on the internet and everyone connected with you gets to read your texts in real time.  How I use Twitter for the REIA of Macomb for example is as I finish this training article I will “Tweet”, meaning send out, a quick message to my 2000 plus followers with a direct link back to this article with a promise of the FREE 101 Top Social Media Cheat Sheet *GET ACCESS BELOW*.  This will hopefully get them to click the link and read the article.

Remember that most people connected to you no matter through which site will have the same general interests as you.  So share with them anything thats relevant to your business.

Here are the first 3 things you should do to jumpstart your internet presence…oh yeah did I mention it’s all FREE!

1. Create accounts at all 3 sites below;



Linked In

2. All of your information should match on all 3 sites;

  • Your profile picture
  • Your contact information
  • Your company information

3. Make sure you’re posting your updates on all 3 sites

What does this mean?   You can connect your Twitter to your LinkedIn account right inside of LinkedIn.  Anytime you add an update, event,or similar action to your LinkedIn profile it will automatically go out to your Twitter followers (make sure it’s 140 characters or under).  Unfortunately the best way to add it to your Facebook profile is to do in manually if you want it to look clean when it goes out.

There’s a ton of applications that will allow you to send your update to all 3 sites at once but your update will always be branded with the name of the app your using to perform this shortcut.  I personally believe posting to Facebook and LinkedIn separately will give your friends and subscribers the best experience possible.

Just for reading this article I’ve included a special FREE bonus below (no e-mail opt-in, just click the link);

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Just so you know I eat my own cooking, below are links to my profiles on all 3 of the sites I talked about above.  Make sure to connect with me.

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Making It Happen…socially,
Dylan Tanaka-Founder

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