Flip Houses The Easy Way

I got my chops busted everyday when I first stepped into the professional world by my sales manager.  He used to have to beat it into my head that you have to give the customer what they want-not what’s necessarily best for them.  He had a saying, “Don’t fight it, write it”. What he meant was if the customer asks you for something, give it to them and don’t try to change their minds.

So now I ask you-Are your houses you are flipping, wholesaling, or renting (yuck), being advertised online on your website?

If you answered No, then you are fighting it.  The Wall Street Journal reported in 2008 that over 82% of buyers look for properties online before they call an agent, that was 2008!  With the recent addition of smart phones and iPad type computers they say that over 91% of all buyers find their houses online.  So the data supports my belief that if you’re not online your losing money, missing out on sales, and just plain crazy.

The next excuse that a lot of investors have is that they only do a few deals a year or haven’t even bought a house yet.  Well you certainly don’t need your own houses to sell to have a website.  We all started somewhere, myself included and I didn’t have houses but I did have a website that I made money because of.  Here’s a few simple ways to make people want to go to your site often to look for deals;

1.  You can say that you have no inventory at this time but sign up for e-mail updates

2.  You can have “stock” coming soon pictures and generic house descriptions to help your visitors visualize your upcoming deals

3.  The best thing to do is to get in touch with real investors who are doing a lot of business, myself included, and ask me “Can I list your houses on my website because I don’t have any right now?’  What do you think I would say to free foot traffic and eyeballs on my houses, YES! By the way at REIA of Macomb events you’ll find people who have lots of houses to sell, private money to lend, and investors looking for deals-get registered for our next event HERE.

DISCLAIMER-for all of you wet blankets who are reading this yes you’re right, you cannot sell houses for others unless you are a licensed real estate agent, well I’m not saying that I’m offering them any compensation if they do secure me a buyer

My dear readers you may be unaware that it is actually true that you can’t ask for compensation if you secure a buyer for someone else’s house if you’re not a real estate agent-however any Make It Happen person realizes that one good turn deserves another, right?

Okay I just gave you 3 easy ways for your site to appear like you’re the next Donald Trump.  Now you have no excuses why you don’t have a website up and running for your real estate business.  In my next training article I’ll show you how your website can practically put thousands of dollars in your pocket and you don’t need to spend a nickel.  People like myself will finance the whole deal and you’re only risk is running your website.  More on that later…

Anxiously awaiting your deals,
Dylan Tanaka-Founder

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