Michigan land lords are sitting in the drivers seat since the Michigan Foreclosure Boom is over and values are coming back.  Not only were they able to buy great rental properties over the last 5 years but even right now there are thousands of houses in strong rental neighborhoods that are still available to cash buyers.  Most times if a property is appraised for less than $50,000 it becomes difficult for buyers to get purchase financing.  This is where cash buyers come in to sweep up cash flowing rental properties.  Remember one thing in business…Cash is KING.

Here’s 7 quick tips to help you be a more profitable land lord;

  1. Make sure you have a strong, legal lease that a competent attorney has gone through
  2. Know the local laws
  3. Take the time to call references and run credit checks
  4. Set up an escrow account for security deposits
  5. Attain proper homeowners insurance
  6. Decide who’s managing
  7. Treat it as a business not a hobby

BONUS: The one piece of advice I give anyone who’s decided to become a land lord is this…make sure you set the parameters with your tenants long before you sign any paperwork from them.  Assuming you haven’t overpaid for the rental house, and you have most of the items above checked off of your list, being a wimpy landlord is your last roadblock to success.

Don’t be a wimp!

See you at a REIA event soon.

    4 replies to "7 Success Tips For Michigan Land Lords"

    • Dennis Fassett

      Hey Dylan –

      This is a great list. And your last tip is spot on – too many rental property owners have all their ducks in a row with their paperwork and expectations setting, then blow it by being wimpy or wanting to be pals with their tenants.

    • Dylan Tanaka

      Thanks for the kind words. Some things can’t be taught they must be learned…through frustration and attorney bills 🙂 I just hope to save others from making the mistakes that I made early on.

      Good luck in 2013!

    • George Thomas

      These are great tips!!

    • Dylan Tanaka

      Thanks George!

      Hope to see you at a REIA of Macomb event soon!

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